Project progress in 2023

Our three sub-projects have now been successfully established. Around 35 pupils are constantly being trained for professions such as tailoring, hairdressing or motorbike mechanics within 6-12 months.

  • 27 trainees have now successfully completed their training, 18 of whom have found permanent employment.
  • The tailoring co-operative was able to buy enough sewing machines, tables and materials to start the training in August.
  • We keep a close eye on our income and expenditure through annual budget planning and very consistent reporting by the sub-project managers in Uganda.
Womens Cooperative Tailoring Training Center
TAILORING CO-OPERATIVE: „Womens Cooperative Tailoring Training Center“
Real Vine Vocational Training Center
TRAINING CENTRE KIJAGUZO: „Real Vine Vocational Training Center“
Solome Beauty Training Center
MATUGGA TRAINING CENTRE: „Solome Beauty Training Center“
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