Successful presentation in Hiltensweiler

We had the lecture in the village store in Hiltensweiler on Friday 26.04.2024.
The hall was full and the lecture was a complete success from our point of view.
The feedback from the visitors was very positive.

Project status:
The project is going very well, since the start of the project 55 trainees have successfully completed their training, 29 of whom have found a job.
The tailoring cooperative has received an order for 500 school uniforms.
We want to give the cooperative a small loan to pay for materials and wages in advance.
Unfortunately, we do not have the funds to do this; for this year we would need 2250 euros.
With our donations, which arrive 1 to 1 on site, we give families and especially young people a perspective!

Vortrag in Hiltensweiler

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